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We Heard You. We Re-Organized. Find It Fast!

Find It Fast! Thanks to Your Feedback, We've Improved Our Site!The look and feel hasn't changed, but the information within our Web site certainly has!  We took your feedback to heart and have re-organized this site with YOU in mind.  

Take a few minutes to review the new features, navigate through the site and find the information, resources and services you usually use, update your bookmarks and favorites.  

Then, let us know what you think!

Three Sites For Three Audiences
  • Home Page:  Find more of our most frequently requested information ever on the home page!
  • Spotlight on Maryland Taxes is the Web site serving Maryland's Individual and Business Taxpayers and Tax Professionals.  Find everything you need to Learn About, File, Pay and get that Refund!
  • Spotlight on Comptroller of Maryland is the Web site serving State and Local Government Agencies, State Employees, Vendors, the Media, and the General Public.  It's everything we do that isn't tax-related.  Learn all you need to know about the Comptroller and about the Agency.  Find a job.  Find or Report Unclaimed Property!
  • Spotlight on Maryland's Money is a full collection of the financial reports that the Comptroller's Office compiles and publishes for the Governor of Maryland.  Its YOUR money! Get the reports!  Find out where State revenue comes from, how it's spent, and how it benefits you!
Find it Fast! Bookmark the new Resource Library!

If you use this site often, or just on April 14th, the Maryland Tax Resource Library is the page to bookmark!  The Library (which is where you are right now)  is a one-stop collection of commonly referenced tax-related resources. Check out the menu on the left.  There you will find all of the Tax Forms and Instructions, Tax Publications, Tax Law & Regulations, Online services, Filing & Payment Methods and get Taxpayer Assistance.

Information is Organized by Tax Type or Topic

Every resource that relates to a tax type or topic is presented together in an easy to navigate collection, and can be accessed from the left navigation menus. We've organized it according to how you use it. Check out updated information:

  • Individual Tax Types: Get information on Individual Taxes, Filing, Payment, Withholding and Refund Information!
  • Business Tax Types: Get information on Business Taxes, Filing, Payment, Employer Withholding and Refund information based on your Business type.
  • Tax Forms and Instructions:  Get all the forms for filing Individual and Business taxes.
  • New Businesses - Everything you need from the Comptroller of Maryland to get your new business started right!
  • Sole Proprietors - Most folks don't realize Sole Proprietors file as individual taxpayers.  It's easy...learn more!
  • Tax Compliance & Enforcement - Why do you owe? What happens if you don't pay? Did you get a notice? Want to dispute it? We've made it easier to get the help you need to resolve your tax problems.
It's Easy to Navigate!

Reference the image below so you don't miss the good stuff!

  1. Main Navigation: Select the right Site!  Also, find Media Services, Online Services, Search the site, or return to the Home Page. Stays the same on every page.
  2. Horizontal Site Navigation: Each Site's main categories.  Who are you?  Need the Resource Library? Stays the same on every page within each site. The section you're in stays Red so you know where you are.
  3. Left Menu: Use to navigate to topics within a category. Get to the details here.  Stays the same within each category.
  4. Topic Navigation: Use to navigate within a topic.  These are always at the bottom of the page and are always about the topic you're reading about.  Don't forget to look for them!
  5. Breadcrumb Trail: Use to navigate up a levels quickly!  Present on all Topic pages and reflects where you are.
  6. Search Engine: If you just can't find it, Search for it here from any page.  Powered by Google.

Graphic of page layout showing navigation tools.


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